Sunday, January 13, 2013

I really enjoy coffee!  There are so many different varieties available and many different types of roasts to choose from today.  There is no longer a need to just go to the grocery store to buy coffee made by the"same old, same old" companies that use predominantly Robusta beans and some Arabica.   For  those of you who like Starbucks, however, you can now purchase it at some grocery stores.

There are so many great tasting coffees out there.  Just a few of my favorites are:

Locally Roasted by Coffee Express - Plymouth, Michigan
Brand > Mountain Country Coffee 
Roast > French Roast
              House Blend Full City Roast

Sumner, WA - Roaster Dillanos
Roast> Dillon's Blend

Do you have favorites too?  I always want to know about new local roasters, so if you know of any in the SE Michigan area, please share.
CU -  next time